Monday, July 30, 2007

Todays Agenda

I think I have had the longest day possiable and its not even close to being over, I still have to go home after my many errands today. I had to take tyler to get a new ID and then take him and brayden to the pool, Go to the bank 3 x today and for diffrent items, Tyler opened up his first bank account today and is very proud of himself, I am proud also. Then take Ty home and then drop him off to work. I have had no time to knit or even clean my house today, Arggggggg. I still have to go home and cook dinner and pick up the house, get the kids ready for bed and tend to our neighbors garden. Whew. I hope the bed time part comes rather quickly... I am very tired. But I am sure that after all the fun settles down today I will work on my knitting and read and call it a day.
Until Next Time..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another day in Dugway

I am currently working on ordering some yarn from knit picks. The problem I am having is there are so many cute colors and not enough money to buy what my oogs want to see. I have been trying to sign up for a swap and have heard nothing back from the place, I have even emailed them to see if I signed up correctly and no word yet they said I would hear within 7 days but its been about 9 so I am getting worried. I really want to take part in this swap. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can be accepted or I shall look for another one. I am also looking for hemp yarn 2 ply. I want to make own grocrey bags for the store so thats what I am off to do right now.
Until next time..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blog Blog Blog

Greetings I thought I had done this on my hubbys blackberry but it made me do it again so hopefuly this will be my page from now on. I am just sitting here at my local library in the middle of noplace dugway. I am just leaning how to knit and my teacher is great person and is teching me for basicly free and I feel like I should give her some honorable mention due to the fact that she makes some awesome things and I cant wait to learn to make socks. She makes these awesome socks and has me excited to learn. I am still very bummed out that my friend of 20 years is still not returning my calls I am tring to say I am sorry to her for what ever it I have done to hurt her its been 2 years and I miss her very much and I pray that she can find it her heart to forgive me and we can become friends again. Other than that not much happening today just tinkiering around.
I best be going.. Until next time all.